Analysis of status quo of the development of sand industry

A huge market space, relatively easy to access in the industry, why did not arouse many giants interest?
Our industry, is the most dangerous places, from which crawled out of the enterprise, is not easy. Zhengzhou Yifan machinery executive general manager Zhang Zhiye helpless when it comes to.
Now, in the sand making machine business, above scale enterprises in the less there are thousands of small workshops, wild ways, what is beyond count. Not that far away, in Zhengzhou, the boundary of sand making machine, do the number. A new order, do not know how many pairs of eyes staring.
Zhang Zhiye’s description is very reminiscent of the competition equally tragic wire and cable industries, as thousands of enterprises is also a frequent melee, small workshops, the same product quality uneven, some good and some bad. Everything seems to be a replica of the wire and cable industry, however, and the wire and cable industry different is, in the sand making machine business, was not a big business. According to Zhang Zhiye introduction, sand making machine, the overall size of the market is very large, but did not do a particularly large enterprises, Yifan machinery has been regarded as the industry is outstanding, only a few million dollars.
As a 2000 after officially landed Chinese products, sand making machine should be regarded as a new industry. However, in such a new industry, thousands of enterprises is in melee, but few big companies force, what is the reason?
Start from the beginning.
Sand making machine is popular in China mainly from China ban digging sand at the start of the. In 2005, the state issued a series of regulations, banned on the river sand mining behavior scale, for a time, causing the sand source of tension, many businesses to sell the sand. However, as long as the building will be used for several consecutive years of sand, sand prices doubled up, make life difficult for some construction enterprises.
Not only that, by the state policy of expanding domestic demand driven, over the road, railway and other infrastructure investment is increasing, large projects have launched, in urgent need of a large number of high-quality aggregate supply. But in order to protect the ecological environment, the State prohibits unauthorized excavation of natural sand can not let go, are all facing the aggregate supply can not keep up with demand for the distress situation, mechanism of sand into the line of sight of people.

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