China can build a quarry crusher to break into the international market

On April 16, the Philippines horse LITA power plants to install SPM2025 large type fine quarry crusher no-load test success, the quarry crusher was produced by Shanxi equipment company in China’s energy construction group, is currently the world output maximum fine quarry crusher, the smooth implementation of the no-load test, marking the the company broken machine products successfully into the international market.
At the end of the last century, to promote a wide range of domestic CFB units, but most rely on imports of quarry crusher. China can build Shanxi equipment companies to grab seize opportunity, timely initiation of finely machine research and development work, after nearly ten years of unremitting efforts, have developed many types and sizes of fine quarry crusher, the realization of the complete series of products. In recent years, the company will SPM20 series of large type finely machine column transition and upgrading of the main products for the enterprise, and increase efforts to promote. In January 2014, Shanxi equipment company successfully signed contracts for the supply of LITA horse power plant quarry crusher, project team make concerted efforts, repeated demonstration, overcome difficulties to solve the technical difficulties one after another, to ensure that the no-load test a success, to further enhance the oversize fine quarry crusher technology.

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