Difference freight forwarding, shipping operations, shipping operations

Freight forwarding freight forwarding (freight forwarding agent) for short, refers to the business entrusted to others, to provide transportation agency procedures, and mention that the hair, transportation of goods and services business.


Cargo agents, some brokers that do not own the ship or aircraft or shipping companies, airlines, freight forwarding all responsibility that the goods entrusted person entrusted, by means of transport developed, transported from one place to another freight forwarding, for the transport company (sea, land and air) Acting collection, transportation of goods, canvassing companies.


Freight forwarding industry in the international freight market, is between shippers and carriers, accepted by the owner, chartering agents, booking, loading, versions and related documents, customs declaration, inspection, insurance, container transportation, entry boxes, issue bills of lading, clearing charges, as well as for negotiation and settlement.

Maritime operations (ocean freight operation) generally refers to freight forwarding company operating in the shipping business, working primarily counterparts Guests are also used to call customer service operations, processes, sub import and export operations. To container exports, for example, the process is roughly: consignment accepted – booking – do me – customs packing – loading – unloading – delivery notification – clearance – for a single – delivery


Shipping operators generally refers to freight forwarding company with shipping companies booking inquiry by a person or company shipping operators.


With freight forwarding companies, for example, shipping operation process is roughly: shipping companies with the inquiry – booking (at Booking) – the shipping company paid the booking (S / O) – the owner took S / O to mention cabinet cargo – customs – bill of lading feeding – single – payment – get the bill of lading


Large freight forwarding company operating procedures will be broken down, each operation has a hand, a small freight forwarding company thing people packed more than business. Some large manufacturers also have maritime and shipping operations.
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