Grinding process: our iron ore grinding process

Grinding process: our iron ore grinding process, in most cases, were two Raymond mill grinding process, small processing plant to use more grinding process thanks to some fine sieve and then grinding the new technology in recent years, some of the dressing. plant by two to three paragraphs grinding grinding. Grinding equipment generally used for raymond mill.
Followed by sorting techniques: magnetite beneficiation, mainly used for sorting low grade “Anshan type” magnetic magnetite ore due to strong, good wear good selection of domestic magnetic separation plant are used stage grinding and multi-stage grinding. mining process, for coarse-grained disseminated magnetite using the former (a period of grinding), fine-grained, micro-fine disseminated magnetite latter (Sec or three grinding); weakly magnetic iron ore beneficiation, Mainly used for sorting hematite, limonite, specular hematite, siderite, martite or mixed ore, which is the so-called “red ore.” Such low-grade ore, disseminated fine grain size, mineral composition is complex, difficult to .80 after sorting, research beneficiation technology for roasting, wet high intensity magnetic separation, flotation and weakly magnetic re-election and other processes, equipment, and new varieties of pharmaceutical continuous improvement, so concentrate grade, metal recovery continues to improve as Angang Qidashan using weak magnetic concentrator – New flotation process – magnetic.
Magnetic iron ore beneficiation mainly based, and is the basic requirement for magnetic separation of magnetic minerals, magnetite can be obtained directly through the magnetic separation of iron ore, iron ore if it is the other, such as hematite or limonite To get more than 65 grade iron ore, it is necessary to restore by magnetic roasting magnetic separation of magnetite, hematite and other minerals if higher impurity content, but also through the flotation drop miscellaneous.
Because of China’s iron ore lean more (97.5% of total reserves) and with (co) students have a comprehensive multi-mine the other components (1/3 of total reserves), so before most of the need for smelting mineral processing.

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