Large Ultrafine Mill Is Best Fly Ash Processing Equipment

The fine ash collected from coal combustion flue gas is known as fly ash, fly ash is major solid waste generated from coal-fired power plants. The fly ash after being grinded by ultrafine mill can be used as cement mixture, greatly enhancing performance of concrete. With the development of industry, the field of processing and utilization of fly ash has been greatly widened, while the large ultrafine mill machine will definitely become the preferred device in the future fly ash processing industry.
Fly ash is one of the larger industrial wastes in China today, and grinding process is the most promising way for it. According to the current technical development of grinding mill, large ultrafine mill has been able to achieve superfine powder processing, and the fine fly ash made by grinding mill has uniform particle size, active surface. Therefore, it can save a significant amount of cement admixture in concrete raw materials; improve the workability of the mixture; improve the plasticity and stability of reinforced concrete. Fly ash has been widely used for concrete admixtures, hollow bricks, ceramics and construction of backfill material.
With the wider and wider utilization space of fly ash, the technology requirement on corresponding grinding mill machine is also higher and higher, so traditional Raymond mill in the market cannot meet industrial production requirement on processing capacity and fine degrees, and new ultrafine mill machine, high pressure hanging roller mill machine and high pressure micro-powder mill machine will become mainstream equipment of mill machine with its latest technology results and convenient and efficient performance.

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