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Legal advice is common law that provides a formal opinion about the procedure substance of the law. This is usually received from lawyer, barrister, or solicitor. It is typically exchanged for money or in other touchable compensation. Actually, this advice is given without remuneration or also called as (in pro bono publico) in the public. It is differentiated through the use of a legal information or legal fact.



This legal information can be expressed through the use of sign, parking meter, or some notice forms like “warning by an officer of law enforcement.” The printed legal materials that are also used are manuals and directions. Some people consider this as a legal advice, but it is not. In addition, the application of the legal principles and rules in a certain set of information is usually detained in the legal advice constitute. Legal advice is usually offered in an expensive price in other countries. But there are also several countries that offer it is an affordable price.

It is a fact that there is large area in civil law cases that are self represented due to a several reasons. The Scarcity of legal services is one of the reasons why this happen and this can easily afford by middle class segment and law.

Many people today desire to have this law, but they can’t. Actually, they can also get legal advice that has costless and effective process. They can do it online. There are numerous websites that let a lot of internet users suggest or ask some legal questions. Their questions are being answered by a licensed lawyer who also gives them helpful and optional advice. This is actually offered for free. That is why all people can freely ask questions on the lawyers. And this is the best way in getting a legal advice without spending a lot of money and time.

There are some processes below that are made for people who are in need of legal aid. These are made easy and manageable to the people. That’s why they will no longer have problems on it.

  • Visit the offices of legal aid

The officers of legal aid are usually found in the some offices that are specially designed to supply legal services to people who have a low income. This type of service is not actually free but is offered for a very affordable rate.

  • Paralegals

A written and substantive job is needed to be performed by the lawyers, and this is usually done by some paralegals that were hired by lawyers. Paralegals is a truly helpful to people especially those who have no money to ask for the service of a lawyer.

  • Pro-bonus Lawyers

There are organizations of pro-bonus programs that most of lawyers are rendering their service for free. They actually do their best in meeting the needs and demands of the people.

With this information about Legal advice, many people primarily those who are in need of help of lawyers will follow the tips above.

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