Maritime shipping 12 taboo

1, for the transport price should confirm the text as much as possible, in fact, do not worry about profits freight forwarding, as long as you consider the cost of your trade.

2, with the ship to be careful not to not pay attention to track and dumped goods.

3, do not boat and the company signed a big contract.

4, do not trust unfamiliar freight platform, although a lot of promise.

5, the bill of lading to double-check, and be sure to contract, and the corresponding LC checking, error, be revised.

6, rent whole ship is need for professional personnel involved, do not consider themselves qualified enough to cope with the complicated provisions of the contract. Spend some money for a professional is worth it.

7, to talk about cooperation lump sum of time to implement the text, and when the payment to adhere to non-payment of other costs.

8, choose a good freight is more valuable than a good choice of shipping companies.

9, Daoqiantidan is a fraud, though more common, but still illustrates the confusion stocking production stage management. It should be avoided.

10, commissioned for the shipping company, if the conditions may be personal visits or telephone to find out the background.

11, a small shipping companies are cheap, but there is the risk of disappearing.

12, electric discharge is provided to the customer in good standing, and generally do not give a strange call on customers.


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