superfine grinding technology will develop well in the future

The ultrafine grinding is one of the most important processing technology of superfine powder, because of new equipment ultrafine mill has high efficiency and superfine powder production expansion and other advantages, and the development of non metallic mineral powder industry has important significance.

In the process of superfine powder deep processing, the most important equipment is superfine powder preparation equipment and classification equipment. Grinding is the introduction of a superfine powder processing equipment, the final one-time fineness can reach D97 less than or equal to 5 mu m, deep processing of fine powder has been successfully applied to ultrafine calcium carbonate, kaolin, talc and other non metallic minerals.

Ultrafine mill with the advantages of powder fineness is high, low investment cost, high flour yield, parts of low loss and environmental pollution are six major performance advantages of micro grinding power, aerospace stealth materials, advanced ceramics, industrial production of high-tech industry absorbing wave material, functional fiber, environmental protection materials, biomedical materials, etc..

1. the arc design of the air duct reduces windage, reduces air loss, and makes the material flow well, thus increasing the rate of powder selection into the analyzer.

2. the host adopts double foundation form, installed on reinforced concrete floating foundation, floating foundation is connected with the ground through shock absorber, which can effectively reduce the vibration of the main frame.

3. The cage type superfine powder separator is adopted, and the rotating speed is controlled by a transducer. The powder size can be adjusted between 100-800 meshes.

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