Vertical Roller Mill Features and Advantages

Vertical roller mill with its high efficiency, low power consumption, no pollution, low noise, easy adjustment, product fineness vulnerability of consumption. Vertical Roller Mill has the advantages of simple structure, low failure rate, small occupation area, investment and other prominent advantages by the industry users. I believe that in the near future, vertical roller mill will become the mainstream of the modern grinding industry with its own advantages, and bring the gospel for the grinding industry.

Vertical Roller Mill Grinding principle
Vertical grinder is a vertical structure, the drive spindle rotation so that the rotor synchronous rotating roller etc.; material from the upper to the post, by spreading plate evenly spread to the inner wall of liner wear, grinding roller rotation in friction and resistance, and rolling material. Material that is repeatedly crushed into powder and expelled from the discharge port at the lower end.

Vertical Roller Mill Features and Advantages
1. The power saving rate of vertical powder mill is large. Under the same crushing ratio, the grinding can save electricity by 40 to 60%.

2. The force of vertical pulverizer is derived from centrifugal force and spring force. It does not require bulky parts and complex systems, making the volume very small and productive. Compared with the mill of the same capacity, the volume and weight of the mill are much smaller, thus saving the investment of the workshop, so the cost for the project is much lower.

3. Consumable material, vertical roller mill for high alloy wear resistant steel, high manganese steel mill and the other in general, the wear resistance of the former is the latter 3 ~ 5 times, so the grinding consumable life cycle is long.

4. Vertical mill has low power consumption, no dust pollution, easy consumption and long service life, simple structure maintenance, less land occupation, stable performance, low failure rate, operation rate is high, thus the wear more suitable for various types of enterprises in china.

System transformation, gradation adjustment of a ball mill, ball positions to reduce load, increase the ratio of material to ball mill, processing capacity increases, the largest diameter of steel ball dropped to 60mm; two positions increase ball loadingcapacity, using small balls or cylpebs reduce material ball ratio, improve the grinding ability. At the same time, the internal ventilation is enhanced and the over grinding is prevented. The larger wind speed in the mill can be larger than 1m/s. The original system, equipment and pipeline of the grinding mill, hoist, powder separator and dust collector are accordingly transformed according to the changed technological conditions.

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